Mine Haul Roads

Strong, smooth roads are essential to a productive and safe mining operation.

The superior interlocking qualities of our products are ideally suited for building heavy haul roads with unmatched strength that are highly resistant to road deterioration, resulting in roads that deliver substantial savings to the bottom line.

  • Improved truck cycle times
  • Lower road maintenance costs
  • Reduced truck frame stresses
  • Improved tire life by 37%
  • Lower fuel consumption by 40% through reduced rolling resistance
  • Economical road design - build roads up to 30% thinner than gravel roads
  • Lower emissions by up to 40%  

Municipal, Service Roads and Winter Traction

Build smooth, strong roads that are highly resistant to potholes, rutting, and washboarding.

Our 100% crushed limestone is made up of rough, angular shaped interlocking particles.  Precise gradation closes the gaps between larger rocks with smaller rocks and crushed fines, creating a structure that sheds water to protect the lower layers and a strength in every layer of the road that is unmatched by regional gravel:

  • Lower road maintenance costs
  • Enhanced integrity through spring thaw
  • Economical road design - build roads up to 30% thinner than gravel roads
  • Longer road life
  • Higher productivity

Our HammerTrac winter traction aid is an economical solution for improved traction on winter roads:

  • For use on municipal or private roads with commercial traffic
  • 100% crushed, angular stone chips for maximum traction and safety
  • Flows easily through standard road sanding trucks
  • Low moisture content, minimizes frozen lumps
  • Small grain size to minimize potential for windshield damage

Infrastructure Pads and Well Pads

The superior interlocking qualities of Hammerstone's 100% crushed rock also produce strong durable site structures, well pads, and laydown yards that last:

  • Build up to 30% thinner than gravel pads
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Better integrity through spring thaw

Landscaping and Other

The unique shape and colour of Hammerstone’s stone products provide landscaping solutions to enhance the aesthetics of any property. Add striking landscaping features with large rip rap stone or use our screened or washed stone products to surface a walkway or fill planters.